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Do Cell Phone Screen Cleaner Stickers have a Guarantee?

We have a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee on all our products to ensure that you are happy with the final product.

Any discounts for Non-Profits?

We understand non-profits usually have very tight budgets so we offer discount pricing to those organizations. Feel free to ask our account managers about it!

Can I ship to Canada or other countries?

We ship to Canada as well as internationally.

How do Cell Phone Screen Cleaner Stickers actually clean your screen?

Our microfiber material acts as a sponge, using its microfiber ridges to clean and absorb all the bad stuff from your phones and tablets.

How long does an order take to arrive?

That has to do with our current production schedule.  Once graphics are approved and your payment is finalized, your order takes around 7-12 days to complete. We use priority 1-3 day rush USPS service on all orders unless you want it sent another way.

How long do Cell Phone Screen Cleaner Stickers last?

Generally speaking they last 3-6 months.  Usually though, they last more than 6 months.  If they are getting tired or worn, simply hand wash them and let them air dry to extend their use. 

What is the minimum quantity for an order?

The minimum order for Cell Phone Screen Cleaner Stickers is 150 units. The minimum order quantity for custom branded Screen Cleaner Cloths is 250 units. Any graphics are welcome. 

Is there a setup charge?

Because every order is custom the machines require a special setup for every oder.  The setup charge is a one time cost of $89. Reorders do not incur this charge.

Who do you ship through?

USPS unless requested to ship through someone else. 

My phone has a case, do these still work?

We've designed several versions of our cleaners, including super stickies, to stick to those rubberized cases on the market.  Ask your representative which model would be the best for you.

So, what's the cost?

The price is determined by size, shape, and quantity.  Through free samples and custom digital mock ups of your cleaners clients are able to determine size, shape, and quantity. 

Can these be washed?

Absolutely, Cell Phone Screen Cleaner Stickers are washable! Simply rinse with lukewarm water in the sink. If needed a dab of soap may also be used. Leave out to fully air dry. This greatly elongates the life of the product.

Do you charge extra for revisions to my mock ups?

To make sure you are happy with the product we offer free unlimited revisions.

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