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The Value Of Branding

Marketing and branding your logo is vital.  We all know certain brands based on their advertising campaigns, and usually their logo or message is etched into our memory forever.  Promotional products have arisen from this idea in this new world of hyper branding where frequency and content are king.  Screen cleaner stickers are the new face of promotional products.  

On average people check their phones 150 times a day.  That is 150 times that someone is waiving your brand around for them and everyone around them to see.  Branded screen cleaner stickers are hyper branding at its finest, which brings valuable returns by being unique as well as useful.  Between phones and tablets, well over 90% of Canadians and Americans are in the mobile device owning demographic.  

Imagine your logo on the backs of:
- Samsung phones
- iPhones 
- Window phones
- iPads
- Kindles
- Smartphones
- Tablets
- Car NAV systems
- Cameras

Our screen cleaner stickers keep people in the loop regarding your business.  They turn potential clients into actual business and in turn, those clients then become valuable referral sources.  This wouldn't be possible without the power of branding and marketing your logo on something that is actually used every single day.